How to choose a good coffee?
Choosing coffee, you need to know that the higher the content of coffee beans in coffee, the better its quality, the more aromatic and richer the drink will be. Elite coffees, for example, have a velvety, tart taste, they are good for health and invigorating.
The benefits of coffee are directly dependent on the quality of the coffee beans. There are three main types of coffee, each of which is characterized by a richness of taste, aroma, and caffeine content:
  • Arabica - the taste is soft, aromatic, with a small amount of caffeine
  • Liberica - sharp, bitter and pronounced aroma
  • Robusta - slightly bitter taste, high caffeine content
The most common and valued gourmet variety - Arabica. It has a mild, but slightly bitter taste and is slightly sour. It is on the basis of Arabica that such coffee drinks as espresso, cappuccino, americano, latte, mocha and many others are created. Coffee from 100% Arabica is aromatic, has a velvety, unforgettable taste and deservedly won the love of the whole world. Elite coffee is made from pure Arabica.

Liberica and Robusta are cheaper, are not considered elite and have lower palatability. These varieties are usually used as additives to Arabica coffee to enhance the flavor of the drink or give it a bitter zest. The bitterness of Robusta can be reduced by sublimation, therefore, in the manufacture of instant coffee is used most often this variety.