History of electric coffee maker
Purposefully brewing coffee as an invigorating drink, humanity began in the 9th century, and this date is very conditional and therefore may be even older. For many centuries, brewed coffee as they please. For all the time there were so many ways to make this drink, which is difficult to count. But we will look at the history of the automatic method of its preparation, in which special machines began to be used, later called coffee makers and electrical current .
Only in 1800, thanks to the French Archbishop Jean-Baptiste de Belllois, the so-called "drip" method of brewing was invented, which is now widely used in electric coffee makers.

The first coffee maker, working with electricity, in 1908, was presented to the public by the American firm Universal. And although this device is difficult to compare with the modern high-tech fully automatic coffee machine - Universal coffee maker had to be constantly monitored, including switching it off and then turning it off, yet it marked the beginning of the production of electrical household appliances for preparing an invigorating drink.

Automatic electric coffee machine appeared thanks to American Russell Hobbs only in 1952 . The essence of Hobbs' innovation was only the introduction of a bimetallic contact into the electrical circuit of the heater , which automatically opened when the drink was heated to a certain temperature. However, the inventor added his device with a special regulator, which allowed to change the temperature of the heater off and thereby brew different coffee tastes.

Add an electric pump to the temperature regulator so that you can make espresso, the engineers from Faema thought of it. The first such coffee maker Faema 61 was released in 1960 .

Further development and improvement of electric coffee makers consisted only in applying the latest advances in the field of electronics.But, in fact, their electrical part is not much different even now from the first coffee machine with a heater and a bimetal breaker, so the repair of coffee machines and their maintenance, in principle, is possible even for a novice master, although it is better, of course, to seek help from specialists.