About Cappuccino

The word cappuccino was born in Italy in the 16th century and the name of this drink comes from the shape and color of the monks ' clothes. Capuchin monks wore dark robes on top of which was dressed in a white hood - in the tone of the contrast drink extant (cappuccino) has not changed the color of the founding fathers. There is an opinion that the origin of this drink is tightly connected with the monk Marco D'aviano, who belonged to the monastic order of Capuchins. In the middle ages, black coffee was considered a drink of the devil in the Catholic Church because of its properties: the drink invigorated the spirit and had some attraction to himself. That is why the monks began to add to the "sinful black" coffee slightly softening its taste "Paradise warm" cream (milk). There was also another reason for "diluting" coffee - its price. The monks treated with trepidation the "work" created by their own hands, as they were deprived of many earthly joys. In many cities and countries have streets with the name of the monks nito, nito drink they left on generations of descendants.