Euro-east coffee ceremony
In Turkey, and all over the world, a cup of coffee is sure to be a cup of coffee. Many tourists mistakenly believe that water is needed in order to beat the bitterness of the drink. You need to drink water before, in order to clear the mouth of the taste of previously eaten food and fully enjoy the rich taste of coffee. They wash down only not delicious coffee, and this can offend the owner.
Coffee is the drink of real men that real women brew. So it was a couple of centuries ago, so it is in Turkey and now. In traditional families, the youngest daughter should make coffee, and if there is none, then any other member of the weaker sex is admitted to the cezve. If the drink is made into several portions, then after the third boiling it is poured into cups in small portions in a circle until the contents of the pots are over. The first cup, according to tradition, is given to the most elderly guest - by seniority.

If fate brings you to Istanbul, be sure to read the tea leaves. For 20-30 lire, a specially trained person - Fuldzhi - will help to decipher the intricacies of the coffee pattern. In most cases, such a person is a bartender, but sometimes a specialist sits in a corner of a coffee shop and reads a book. The existence of this person is shouted by the corresponding inscriptions in the menu - fal ("fortune telling"), as well as advertising posters on the walls of coffee shops. Such masters are a dime a dozen, so you will find without problems.
Remarkably, coffee is not grown in Turkey. But this does not prevent the flexible Turks from teaching the whole world to drink this drink correctly. And only a rare traveler, once in Asia Minor, will deny himself the pleasure of abandoning his coffee machine and forgetting for a while about this time itself. Sit in the kahvekhane, order a cup of surprisingly aromatic and delicious Turkish coffee, which will be served in a cute little cup with an intricate pattern and a glass of spring water.