Preparation and care of copper cezve
Turk is a universal tool and you can make coffee in it on anything: on sand, on coals, on a fire, on a gas stove, and so on. But after buying it you need to prepare well. To begin with, a Cezvea should be thoroughly rinsed with water, but always without detergents, which will clog the micropores and will not disengage from you for a very long time. And in general, try to avoid detergents in principle. It is better to use ordinary soda, but only dissolved, so as not to scratch the inner coating.
If the vessel needs to be disinfected, and it must be done after the purchase, simply fill the Turk with water and add a few lemon slices, then put it on the fire and bring the water to a boil. After disinfection in a new jackfish, it is advisable to pour already prepared coffee so that it clogs the smallest pores, thereby blocking the path to other less fragrant substances. The first two leaves are better to pour. Now the Turk is ready for use and you can safely brew delicious Turkish coffee in it , adhering to our recommendations.

After using the Turks do not regret the water to rinse it well. It is said that coffee bloom, which is formed on the inner walls, only improves the subsequent portions of the drink. Improves the taste of the first coffee, which was in the Turk and scored micropores. Subsequent plaque only increases the risk of burning the drink. You only need to remove plaque with a soft sponge and by no means an iron brush that can scratch the surface. For washing use only soda or lemon acidified water.

Over time, copper loses its luster. To return it, you can resort to popular wisdom. Our grandmothers cleaned the copper with the so-called "vinegar dough", a mixture of ordinary flour and vinegar. The resulting dough need to coat the Turk outside and let the dough dry, after which it can be removed without problems with a regular sponge. To return the shine, you can also use a solution of whey and salt: 1 tbsp. salt and 1 cup serum. It is necessary to wet the flannel in this mixture and clean the darkened sides of the vessel with it.