Turks from isinsky, Chinese clay
Chinese isinsky clay or Zi Sha - natural, natural material, mined near the city of Yixing in China.

In the clay of the Turks of Yinsky clay coffee turns out unusual. Such models of the Turks have some properties that are absent from their sisters from other materials.
Positive properties
  • Due to the increased porosity, Isinskaya clay is saturated with the aroma and taste of coffee, so that the drink in it is prepared, it turns out to be really tasty.
  • Ware from Yinsky clay perfectly passes the air, allowing coffee to be saturated with oxygen, which enhances the taste of the drink.
  • Due to the presence of small silicate particles in Chinese clay, the products have two types of pores - open and closed. Thanks to them, the Turks slowly cool down and allow you to breathe coffee when brewing.
  • Clay Zi Sha contains a lot of kaolin, which makes it possible to burn it at this temperature at which products from ordinary clay will melt. Because of this, cezves have increased hardness.
Negative features
  • The porosity of Isinsky Chinese clay can be a disadvantage, since it can only make one type of coffee, the one that was prepared for the first time. Otherwise, the coffee will contain a bouquet of flavors of all varieties ever brewed in this Turk.
  • Due to the high hardness of burnt Yinsky clay, clay Turks are fragile products and are easy to break.