Copper Turks
Ceramic Turks appeared not so long ago , but their universality deservedly gained popularity among coffee lovers. They can brew any coffee without fear of mixing the flavors. The quality of the drink, brewed in a ceramic Turk, will always be on top.
Positive properties
  • Turks made of copper are the most durable and unpretentious to use. They will not burst and will not break.
  • Most copper Turks have the narrowest necks compared to the Turks from other materials, which is important for making coffee.
  • The thermal conductivity of copper is one of the best among other metals. It is 10 times higher than that of steel, and 2 times higher than that of aluminum. Due to this property, heat is better distributed throughout the entire body of the Turks and thus ensures uniform heating.
Negative features
  • Inside, copper Turk, must be coated with tin, as copper in contact with food dissolves, and soluble copper compounds are extremely dangerous for humans.
  • Tin is a fusible material, so it is easy to spoil a Turk by leaving her unattended on fire.
Useful tips
  • In order for the pen to serve for a long time, do not allow direct fire on the pen and to the place of its fastening.
  • The tin coating applied manually will last longer than electroplating.
  • In order to determine whether to change the tin coating, apply a small amount of detergent on it. If copper seems , it's time to change the coating or the Turk.