Ceramic Turks
Ceramic Turks appeared not so long ago , but their universality deservedly gained popularity among coffee lovers. They can brew any coffee without fear of mixing the flavors. The quality of the drink, brewed in a ceramic Turk, will always be on top.
Positive properties
  • Ceramics passes air, allowing the drink to be enriched with oxygen, which allows us to enhance the taste.
  • Thick ceramic walls store a lot of heat, thanks to which the cooking process continues even after the Turks are removed from the fire. The result will be close to the coffee that was made on the sand, since the thick walls of the ceramics act like heated sand.
  • Ceramic pots can be washed like any other dish and they do not need special care.
Negative features
  • Because of the material properties of the Turk has thermal inertia. The water in it heats up more slowly and cools more slowly. Due to this, it is necessary to adjust to cooking in such dishes. It may turn out this way: you have already removed the ceramic pots from the heat, and the coffee continues to boil and may even "run away". Knowing about this feature, you need to more closely monitor the process and remove coffee from the fire a little earlier than usual.
  • Ceramic Turks can burst or break from falling, so you need to handle them carefully.