Coffee turks - what to look for
Classic Turks - thick-walled, wrought-iron with a wooden handle and are used to make one cup of coffee. Modern samples abound with a huge variety of shapes, sizes and materials from which they are made.
Conical shape
The conical shape was not chosen by chance, it contributes to the rapid sedimentation of coffee grounds on the bottom, and also, this form of vessel has a small area of evaporation, and all aromatic substances will remain in the coffee.

From the point of view of physics, it works like this: small particles of coffee, heating up, rise with water, reaching the inclined walls, cool down and sink to the bottom, thus most of the coffee particles do not reach the surface. Due to this, the foam is cleaner and in the future, the coffee grounds will settle 4 times faster than in ordinary dishes.
Large bottom area and a small neck
The large area of the bottom will provide accelerated heating to help the formation of foam. Foam, in turn, rising, creates a cork in the narrow neck and also prevents the volatilization of aromas. In good Turks, for guaranteed formation of dense foam, the diameter of the bottom should be 2-3 times the diameter of its narrowest part.
Turk size matters
Keep in mind: there is no universal size Turk.
Most often they are found in volumes from 100 to 600 ml. It is better to have in the kitchen a few pieces, different in size. Then you can always pick up a Turk by the number of servings you need now. The number of servings of coffee that can be prepared at one time, often indicate the bottom of the dish.

The best Turk, in terms of taste and aroma, will be the one that is designed for one cup of coffee and has a volume of 100 ml. It will hold 75 ml of water and 1 teaspoon finely ground coffee. Actually, in such a cezve, coffee turns out to be the most fragrant and most delicious.
Comfortable grip
It is desirable that the handle of the Turks did not conduct heat otherwise you can get burned. Metal handles fit the worst of all, so they are usually made of wood. The size of the handle is also important, more convenient when it is long.

Tip: if you make coffee on a gas stove or on coals, choose a pots with a handle pointing upward at a slight angle - the hand will feel less heat of the fire, and if you need a vessel for brewing coffee in the sand, it is better if the handle is more vertical more convenient to use.

Choosing a poker in the store, pay attention to how the handle is attached to it. Fastening should be reliable, it is a sore point of such dishes. For convenient storage and maintenance, it is very good when unscrewing the handle, you can detach it.