Coffee Luwak in Vietnam from animal litter
Luvak coffee in Vietnam is a kind of "highlight" of the country. This coffee is one of the most expensive and unique in the world. And the point here is not at all in the variety of the plant. The secret lies in the unusual production technology.
In Vietnam, small animals live that have several names: someone calls them Mussangs, someone civets, and someone palm kunitsami. Their size is small - about the same as that of an ordinary cat, and the colors of animals resemble gray foxes.

These wonderful creatures of nature feed on berries ripening on coffee trees. After digesting civet food, the manure is brought out naturally, leaving undigested coffee beans in it. Specially selected employees who collect such litter, roam the territory where the Musangi live, with containers, filling them with seeds for the future flavored drink.

Liuvak coffee in Vietnam is not fully digested by animals - only the upper shell of coffee beans breaks down in the stomach. The core itself only changes the chemical composition, after which the drink becomes softer, with a pleasant chocolate aftertaste. Due to the fact that the grains undergo a kind of "treatment" in the stomachs of the animals, the drink costs a lot of money, and not every tourist decides to try it.